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Bid Sponsors

Many people have helped in the bid for Norwich so far and all sorts of organisations and individuals have expressed their support. In particular the following companies have given their time, skills and resources either free of charge or at reduced cost to help the bid.

Fox Murphy who have contributed the skills of their staff, in particular Andy Newman, to help to promote the bid.

System Solutions’ designers Tracy Turner and Jon Scutt who have developed and maintained this website completely free of charge.

BD&H printers who have printed stationery and stickers at cost for the bid

East England Arts who have generously expressed their support with a donation of £7,000

The Champions Team who have given up their time to monitor the bid process

Gordon Signs who made a banner free of charge

Signs Express Norwich who made a big banner and twelve site boards free of charge

Howard Smith Paper who donated 3,000 sheets of paper to produce the bid document

GF Smith Paper who gave the paper for the bid document cover and for the boxes