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The Bid to Become European Capital of Culture

In this section you can find out exactly what the European Capital of Culture is; why Norwich is bidding to become Capital of Culture in 2008, and what it will mean for the City if people are successful; and who is behind the bid.

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What do we mean by culture?

Culture is not just for a minority -everybody enjoys culture in one form or another. It’s not just about highbrow art – although that’s part of it — it’s about how we live our everyday lives. That’s why everyone’s part of it.

Some of the elements which make up the cultural life of Norwich are:

  • Festivals
  • Sport
  • Theatre
  • Cinema
  • Music
  • Museums
  • History
  • Reading
  • Visual Arts
  • Architecture
  • Shopping
  • Dancing
  • Eating and drinking
  • TV and radio
  • Religion
  • Work